Necklace 150225

Necklace with Beads of Green “Crackle,” Hematite and Pink Fiber Optic Glass and with a Hematite Arrow Pendant

This 26-inch necklace came about because I had two strands of beads, one pink and one green, that were too bright and lively to go with the more sedate beads they would normally complement. Although the pink beads are fiber optic glass and the green are an acrylic that looks something like crackle glass, they go very well with each other. The hematite beads and pendant provide a dark contrast that is shiny enough to stand up to the brightness of the optic pink and “crackle” green.

The hematite arrow is flat on the back and curves up to a ridge running the length of the front. The necklace is closed with a gold-plated spring-ring clasp.

Beadwork by Mike Smetzer - Necklace with beads of fiber optic pink glass, green acrylic, and hematite and with a hematite arrow pendant

Beadwork by Mike Smetzer - Necklace with hematite, gold-plated, and glass beads and with white glass pearls, green acrylic flowers with glass centers, and an enameled shell pendant - detail

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