Necklace 150210

Necklace with Wood Squares, Chalcedony Stone Beads, Bronze Color Seed Beads and Glass Pendant

This 27-inch necklace features “exotic” wood squares, 8 mm chalcedony beads, and a glass finding as the pendant. It is strung with bronze color glass seed beads on braided satin-gold color wire and closed with a gold-plated lobster clasp.

The surface of the amber finding has an irregularly looping line that has little contrast and is hard to see in the larger photo. It is clearer in the detail below. It appears to be a thin layer of gold-color specks on or in the surface of the glass.

Beadwork by Mike Smetzer - necklace with "exotic" wood squares, chalcedony stone beads and glass pendant strung with bronze color seed beads

Beadwork by Mike Smetzer - Glass Pendant Detail

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